Masooleh (Masuleh) Village, Fooman

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Fog is the predominate weather feature of Masooleh (Masuleh).

Masooleh (Masuleh) architecture is unique. The buildings have been built into the mountain and are interconnected. Courtyards and roofs both serve as pedestrian areas similar to streets.

A kind of life pattern accurs whereever natural and humanity variety is intermingled, under realm of time and history, which can be exceptional and uniqe for its part.

Masooleh (Masuleh) as a national relic is an obvious type of the historic habitate of mankind, which has been registered as No.1090 in national relics list of country in solar1354. This historic town, during its 1000 age, is an obvious type in fantastic harmony between nature and human. It is lacated at 37, 09,13N latitude and at 48,59,14E longitude and farthest end of damp Caspian climate region. It is situated valley of river, whose sources are near the second high peak of TALESH mauntain (Masooleh (Masuleh)-DAGH with 3050m hight). Its height is 1050 m from open sea and difference between it’s the highest – the lowest points are more than 120m. {mosimage}

The combination of TALESH, TURKEY and GILAKY triple cultures from one side and the the forest, the pasture and mountaious triple natures from other side, creat a culture and civilization, that the first façade of it, is the specific architecture and urban development if Masooleh (Masuleh). So that, these triple cultures and natures and specific architecture have an effect on each other. By this order, in a continous and constant cooperation, it has created wonderful dynamism in historic lifetime of Masooleh (Masuleh).

This old town with 1.6 hectare extent is based on four neighbourhoods: KHANEH-BAR, KASHEH-SAR, ASAD-MAHALLEH and MASJED-BAR. Also Masooleh (Masuleh) bazaar has four floors that each neighbourhoods connet to it directly. In Masooleh (Masuleh), at the moment, there are more than 350 residential units, which have been 600 units in past (about 100 years ago). Being of more than 120 commercial units around its bazaar, more than 6 carvansaraa, 2 traditional baths, more than 33 public springs, 10 mosquies and 5 shrines strike a note of improvement and splendour of this town in recent years. During 60 past years, Masooleh (Masuleh) population has decreased from 3500 to 900. This shows decending history progress of this ancient town.

Humans, created this habitate, urban fram and fantastic architecture in a quite agreeable life with nature, if they knew their off springs behaved with their products in this way, they would not doubtly transfer this condition to them.

In recent decodes for different reasons historic-cultural and environmental identity of this rare collection has been altered and present situation of the valuable town is not suitable for fame before. Neverthless, Masooleh (Masuleh) is proverbial among all five wonderful town-village (ABYANEH, KANDOVAN, MEYMAND and SAR-SEIEDAGHA). Maybe thousands of travelers (passengers) visit this historic town and natural landscapes yearly. In summer more passengers visit Masooleh (Masuleh), because of its tempreture and damp weather. Althogh its attraction in three other seasens is more than summer.

All passengers interest in natural sights not only can see strange views of natures in spring, fall and winter, but also is suitable for whom want silent and calm place.
This thousand-year-old village resembles an anthropological and architectural museum, which is located 60 km southwest of Rasht and 25km west of Fooman in the western most part of Gilan Province. Even though Masooleh (Masuleh) is close to the Caspian Sea, but it is 1,050 meters above sea level. The difference between the highest and lowest points in the village itself is 100 meters. {mosimage}

The history of Masooleh (Masuleh) dates back to 10th century CE and in past times the village was also known as "Maasalar" and "Khortab".

The architectural style of the homes in Masooleh (Masuleh) is stair shaped and is remarkable. They are continuous and uninterrupted and have been built in the heart of the mountain. A very interesting point about the homes in Masooleh (Masuleh) is that courtyards and roofs are basically meaningless and do not serve their traditional roles and instead serve as pedestrian areas for passersby just like a street would.

Masooleh (Masuleh) is the only village in Iran, which forbids all motor vehicles from entering it. The yellow-clay is the predominant external facade of most of the structures in Masooleh (Masuleh), which serves for better visibility in fog. The 3000-meter long mountains surrounding Masooleh (Masuleh) are under the cloud of fog very often. Masooleh (Masuleh) has a population of almost 800.

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