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Plains and Deserts (Lut Desert - the vicinity of Shahdad), Kerman

Wednesday, 02 April 2008 04:41 administrator
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Lut Desert - the vicinity of ShahdadThe province of Kerman in respect to its relief and natural terrain, encompasses elevated plains and vast desert spaces. Some of these such as the plains and summer residing quarters are taken advantage of as recreational areas. The plains of Shahdad, Bam and Jiroft are low-lying plains, and reach a maximum elevation of 2,100 - 1,300 m.
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Mahan Summer Residing Places, Kerman

Sunday, 10 February 2008 22:30 administrator
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Shahzadeh Garden

The city of Mahan is located in the southeast of Kerman. At a distance of 6 km. from the south of Mahan, is a beautiful and large garden named "Shazdeh Garden" with a spectacular structure in the premises. "Shazdeh Garden" meaning Prince’s Garden is a historical Persian garden. The structure is relative to the Qajar era. There are various pools constructed in the garden that is sheltered with fine trees.
The garden was built for and during the eleven years of the governance of Abdolhamid Mirza Naserodolleh (during Qajar dynasty). The construction was left unfinished due to death of Abdolhamid Mirza in early 1890s.

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Other Summer Residing Recreation Places, Kerman

Tuesday, 01 January 2008 18:53 administrator
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These are the other summer residing quarters of the province: summer resorts in the Bam - Jiroft road, 'Delfard' and 'Dar-e-Behesht' summer resort in Jiroft.

Rayn Summer Residing Places, Kerman

Tuesday, 01 January 2008 18:52 administrator
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 Rayn being a vicinity experiencing a pleasant climate, accounts for one of the famous summer spots of Kerman. Rayn lies on the slopes of the Hezar Mountains (4,450 m. in elevation). This mountain is snow clad for a good part of the year, and also has a beautiful waterfall. The mountain valley is covered with trees.

Rabar Summer Residing Place, Baft

Tuesday, 01 January 2008 18:51 administrator
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 Rabar is situated at a distance of 24 km. from Baft and is the summer residing quarter for tribes. It has a pleasant climate and a picturesque view. In addition to which there are many springs present here. Moreover, this vicinity encompasses interesting historical relics from the Parthian and Sassanide eras.

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